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Raised Letter Canvas

Once again sorry I’ve taken forever to post!……Recently my mom heard a quote that she really liked and wanted to be able to display it in her house. Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner I thought I would make this idea possible for her. I started looking on Pinterest for ideas and came across this….

The Bloggers Picture

The Bloggers Picture

The original picture links to:

The supplies that the blogger used:

  • 4×4 White canvas 
  • Lowercase metal alphabet letters
  • Grey paint

Supplies that I used:

  • White canvas (not sure what size I used but any size will work depending on how big you want it to be) 
  • Foam letters (all capitols) (You can use any raised letters such as wood, metal, foam they should all work the same)
  • Brown and white paint
  • Super glue
  • A decorative stencil

Step 1: The blogger says to use a pencil and sketch the shape of a heart onto the canvas. I did not make a shape out of my quote but I did use a ruler and sketched a pencil line to place my letters.

Step 2: Decide on your quote. I chose “May the road always rise to meet your feet and may the wind be forever at your back” because that is the quote my mom hinted about.

Step 3: Stick your letters onto your pencil line. My foam letters did have a sticky back but they did not stick to the canvas well. I ended up putting super glue on the back of each letter to be sure that they would stay. Don’t worry about the pencil line you will paint over it.

Step 4: Paint the canvas. I used a brown because it went with my moms decor but if I was to make this project again I would use a lighter color because the letters kind of got lost in the dark color.

Step 5: The blogger seals the canvas with a water-based polyurethane but I skipped this step.

Step 6: The blogger did not do this step but when I was finished I thought it needed more detail. I mixed my brown paint with a little white to make a lighter brown and using a decorative stencil I stenciled on embellishments into the 2 corners.


My Lettered Canvas

My Lettered Canvas

Another Picture Of My Finished Canvas

Another Picture Of My Finished Canvas

I really like the finished product! It was easy and quick to make and I’m sure it will make a great addition to my moms living room.  The entire project cost approx. $15 to make ($8 for canvas, $4 for letters, $2 for paint, $1 for super glue), very cheap and a great idea for Mother’s Day **corny alert,  my mom will love that I handmade her gift just like I use to when I was a kid**. I loved the step by step instructions for this project and the pictures were really helpful. I am defiantly going to check out more projects from this blogger.

Until next time Happy Pinning and Happy Mother’s Day!


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