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Missing Sock Holder

Do you ever have that problem when you are folding laundry and realize one of your socks is missing its mate? I know I do!  I usually end up throwing the single sock into the drawer and forgetting to match it when the other single sock shows up. When I was on Pinterest one day I stumbled upon this wonderful invention…..

The Bloggers Missing Sock  Holder

The Bloggers Missing Sock Holder


The original pin links to:

The blogger didn’t put a list of supplies you needed so I made one up for what she used:

  • Large Canvas
  • Leftover House Paint (2 Colors)
  • Paint Brush
  • An Item With A Straight Line (In her case Another Picture)
  • Vinyl Letters
  • Nails or Screws
  • Wire
  • Clothes Pins

Supplies that I used:

  • Large Canvas
  • Craft Paint (2 Colors)
  • Paint Brush (Sponge Brush)
  • Meter Stick
  • Letter Stencils
  • Nails
  • Thick Twine
  • Clothes Pins
  • Design Stencil
  • And of course some lonely single socks

Step 1: Paint the canvas and let dry. I painted my canvas a dark brown because I wanted it to stand out on my beige walls since I’ve made this project the focal point in my laundry room.

Step 2: Using a straight line, line up the vinyl letters to spell “Seeking Sole Mates”. I took a different approach to this step. I could not find letters that were the right size for the canvas so I ended up using my homemade letter stencils to stencil on the words. I lined up my letters using a meter stick and lightly sponge brushed on some black craft paint.

Step 3: The blogger then painted her canvas again with a darker color. After letting it dry gently pull the letters off. Since I didn’t use the vinyl letters I was able to skip this step. I thought my canvas was a little plain so I ended up adding embellishment to the top corners using a design stencil.

Step 4: Install 2 nails (though it looks like the blogger used screws) on the back of the canvas and wrap wire around them. I used nails and thick twine. I liked the rustic look of the twine instead of the wire and I’m sure it works the same. Just make sure when using nails or screws that they do not go through the front of your canvas!

Step 5: Hang on the wall and hang clothes pins on it.


My Missing Sock Holder

My Missing Sock Holder

Again this is a great invention! I use it all the time. I must note that I was very impressed with the original bloggers detailed instructions. I really enjoyed the step by step picture instructions and think they are very helpful. The entire project cost me around $11 ($5 for the canvas, $1 for the twine, $1 for the clothes pins, $4 for paint) and was a really easy/quick to make. I recommend that everyone has one of these in their laundry room!

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time happy pinning!


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