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Picture Frame Candle

I’m back! Once again sorry that I have not posted anything in a while but as we all know life is busy especially since spring has sprung! Even though I have not blogged in a while I have been working on some pin experiments. The first one that I have finished is a Picture frame candle. I was really excited to make this because I knew it would be a great center piece on my coffee table, plus I have a fancy for candles.

The Original Pin

The Original Pin

The picture on Pinterest links to:

Right from the start I was a little worried when I found this pin because there was not a lot of instructions on how to actually make the project. The blogger, where the pin originally came from, may have reblogged this project from somewhere else. If that’s the case unfortunately the original location is not listed.  So….. I made up the instructions as I went.

Supplies that I used:

3 4×6 wood picture frames

3 small hinges

3 black and white pictures

2 flameless candles

*Note* I painted my pictures frames because I could not find the colour that I wanted in the stores where I live but I’m sure most of you have more of a selection than I do.

Step 1: Put the frames together without backs. The blogger does say “glue 3 picture frames together with no backs”.  I thought the glue would be too noticeable and not as strong so I hinged my picture frames together (see picture below step 1). If you hinge your frames together make sure the hinges are small enough and that the screws are not too long or they will go through the front of the frame. I did run into a small problem at this step. The frames were cheaply made so they split really easily when putting the screws in. The first two were fine but the last one was trouble and I ended up using super glue to put in on instead of screws. I also only put in 2 out of 4 screws on each hinge to prevent the risk of splitting. If I were to do this project again I would still use the hinges because I thought it gave it an antique look but I would super glue them on instead of screwing them on.  Also note that when putting the frames together you can put them together vertical (like the blogger did) or horizontal (like I did).



Step 2: Put black and white pictures in the frames.

Step 3: Put 2 flameless candles inside the frames. (see inside picture view below step 3)

Inside View

Inside View

The finished product…………

My Picture Frame Candle

My Picture Frame Candle

Another View Of My Picture Frame Candle

Another View Of My Picture Frame Candle

I think the finished product looks great and has made a wonderful addition to my boring coffee table! Overall it was an easy and quick project to do even without enough instruction. The entire project cost approximately $14 to make ($9 for frames, $3 for hinges, $2 for candles) but I’m sure would be cheaper for most. I would defiantly make this again! I think it would make a cute personal center piece for wedding tables (like the blogger has shown) or any table center piece in general.

That’s all for now. Since I was away for so long I will post again this week so stay tuned. Until then happy pinning!


3 comments on “Picture Frame Candle

  1. dweinberg415
    March 25, 2013

    Thanks! This is beautiful. I think you could uses the same idea for a lampshade too.

  2. Candle Supply
    March 26, 2013

    Very creative idea 🙂 I love the car pic it really cute. I’ve just re-pinned it to our followers on pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing

    Sarah Midland

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