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Cinnamon Roll Waffles!

One word best describes this recipe……YUMMY! I just happened upon this treasure one day during a Pinterest addiction moment and I am so glad that I did. My mom bought my boyfriend and I a waffle iron for Christmas so I have been trying out different waffle recipes since then but this puts a whole new twist on waffles.


Pinterest Waffles

Pinterest Waffles


The picture on Pinterest links to:


Step 1: Spray your waffle iron with cooking spray and arrange your rolls close to the center so they do not leak out the sides of the iron.


My arrangement of rolls

Step 2: Close lid and cook for the same amount of time that you would waffles. I found this step to be quite vague. I have a waffle iron that has different cooking settings for how “cooked” I want my waffles so I was unsure what setting to put it on. I have 5 settings (1 being lightly cooked and 5 being well done). I ended up putting the waffle iron on setting 2 because I was worried I would burn them but when I make them again I would put them on 3 or 4 to make them more crispy since mine were a bit doughy.

Step 3: Remove from iron and put on icing. I know some waffle irons do not have a timer that goes off when the waffles are finished but mine does and I highly recommend it! I had a bit of trouble removing the waffles from the iron because 8 rolls turns into 2 big waffles so I had to cut them apart to make 2 servings but in the end the taste was worth it!


My waffles ready to serve!

These were a huge hit in my house and so easy and cheap ($2.50) to make. Kids would love these! My only concern with the recipe is how fattening it is. I was curious to see approx. how many calories you are consuming so I  searched Google for some ideas and it lead me to this site:

According to the website if you consume 1 cinnamon roll you are consuming 360 calories and 17g of fat plus 660mg of sodium, 48g carbs, and 20g of sugar. So technically when I ate this delicious breakfast I consumed 4 cinnamon rolls….you do the math! I guess everything that is bad for you tastes so good this is my new guilty pleasure!

Until next time happy pinning!


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