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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am sick of being sick! Sorry that I have been absent since my last post but I have been battling a nasty flu. I have finally found enough energy to try my first Pinterest experiment.

I thought I would try out something for Valentine’s Day, so I set out in search of some inspiration….of course on Pinterest and came across a cute Valentine’s Day wreath.

before wreath

The picture on Pinterest links to

The pinner says that you can make the wreath for approx. $4 but sadly I live in a small town in Canada so it cost me more approx $15 but even that is still a good price. The supplies that the pinner used:

-newspaper or pages from an old book                                             
-4-5 different sheets of “valentines paper”                                         
-red cardstock                                                                                               
-glitter glue                                                                                                   
-glue stick                                                                                                        
-modge podge                                                                                              
-sponge brush                                                                                              
-Thin card board box (like a cereal box)                                                                            
-normal cardboard box                                                                           
-ribbon to match                                                                                  
-glitter love letters
 Supplies that I used:
 -4-5 different sheets of “Valentine’s paper” (anything that is Valentine’s colors or love print even wedding paper works well)
 -Glitter glue ( I used clear but red, pink, or purple would look nice to)  
 -Glue Stick
-White glue (because I could not find modge podge anywhere)
-Small paint brush
 -Thick cardboard (for the wreath construction)
 -Thin cardboard (from a cereal box)                                          
 -Ribbon to match
 -Glitter foam letters
-X-Acto knife (utility knife) 
-Duct Tape
Step 1: The pinner says to cut out 4 big hearts (out of same paper), 8 med hearts  (5 out of newsprint and 3 on another print) and about 12-13 small hearts, can be cut in various small sizes.(She used about 3 different prints and the plain red cardstock for the smaller hearts). If any of you are like me there was no way I could make all my hearts symmetrical or the right sizes so I cut out heart stencils out of scrap paper and traced them onto the paper I was using.
Step 2: The pinner then uses the modge podge to glue the hearts on the back of thin cardboard and then paints over the tops. I did not do this step with all my hearts. A lot of the paper that I bought was thick and very sturdy so I didn’t see the point in gluing all the hearts to cardboard so I just glued the hearts that were quite thin like the newspaper and wrapping paper.
Step 3: The pinner then uses glitter glue to outline some of her hearts. I only outlined the plain paper hearts to make them “pop”.
Step 4: The pinner then cuts out her wreath out of thick cardboard. I recommend cutting out the wreath with a X-Acto knife so the edges are smooth and it also makes it easier to cut out the center hole.
Step 5: The pinner then places the hearts on the wreath. I really liked her tip to put small pieces of cardboard behind some of the hearts to make them more 3D. I used the pictures of her wreath to help me with the placement of my hearts which was very helpful! I used white glue to glue my hearts down since I could not find my hot glue gun but I think that would have worked better (stronger)
Step 6: The pinner then makes a “Love” sign for the top of her wreath. This is where I changed my wreath……When I was looking for Valentine’s paper I came across really cute glitter foam letters and decided to use them in my wreath so I bought a “OX” (hugs & kisses) and placed them near the bottom instead of the sign at the top.
Step 7: Pinner attached the ribbon. I wasn’t sure how to attach my ribbon because I knew the white glue would not be strong enough to hold it so I took a few pieces of duct tape and taped the ribbon onto the back.
I am quite impressed on how it turned out! Most things that I make never look like the picture in the end but this time it’s pretty close.
I hope some of you try to make this wreath overall it was quite easy and cheap to make and as long as you have a bit of patience it turns out great. I think you could make a lot of holiday wreaths this way such as St. Patrick’s Day you could cut out 4 leaf clovers and use the same layout!
That’s all for now. Stay tuned the next pin I try will be a recipe (Pillsbury Cinnamon Waffles!) Until then Happy Pinning!!

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